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Support Browsers Chrome、Firefox、Safari、IE 8.0 License Apache License 2.0 Note: Ext JS is released under GPL v3 license (

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We will begin with the code, and then we'll do a bit of explanation afterwards.There is no limit to the number of Update Panel controls that can be on a page, and they can be nested.Each Update Panel is isolated, so that each can work independently (you can have two Update Panels running at the same time, rendering different parts of the page, independent of the page's postback).The Script Manager control provides extensive support for localization of script strings and user interface components; however, that topic is outside of the scope of this whitepaper.For more information, see the whitepaper, Globalization Support in ASP. Markup-Enabled Properties: control is the control that delimits the server-side content that will take part in the partial rendering functionality of the AJAX Extensions.This control allows you to wrap markup which you would like to allow to be partially updated, that is, updated without causing a real postback to the server. Besides those two controls, everything else is standard controls, with no modifications that would indicate alternate behavior.

Try running the example site, and click the button.

============================================= Fine UI(开源版) 基于 Ext JS 的开源 ASP.

NET 控件库。 Fine UI的使命 创建 No Java Script,No CSS,No Update Panel,No View State,No Web Services 的网站应用程序。 支持的浏览器 Chrome、Firefox、Safari、IE 8.0 授权协议 Apache License 2.0 注:Ext JS 库是在 GPL v3 协议下发布( 相关链接 论坛: 示例: 文档: 下载: Fine UI(开源版)严格遵守 Ext JS 关于开源软件的规则,不再内置 Ext JS 库。 1.

NET AJAX files are included and that AJAX support is added, and has to be included on every page where you wish to use AJAX functionality.

After the manager, we have one of the most used controls when working with AJAX, the Update Panel.

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