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Four bullets in Lennon’s back provides a pusillanimous angle to this murderer whose failed suicide attempt three years earlier stings that much more.

Prudish sensibilities need not bother as Godard comfortably shows male and female genitalia without it being a frame focus.In particular, the British press had demeaned and blasted Yoko in ways unparalleled to other public figures.For Lennon, he connected with NYC as the mother country he could reclaim.Artists and activists that he and Ono had watched on television in England were now friends and colleagues in exclaiming peace.Anti-war sentiments made the couple enemies of President Richard Nixon and deportation constantly threatened their stay. Majority of the interview footage and filmed moments were shot in an expansive, bucolic, English estate living with Japanese performance artist Yoko Ono.

Years in New York were condensed in order to pay heed in balance to his musical development until his untimely demise by disturbed Mark David Chapman.

Aunt Mimi is mentioned once regarding Lennon’s practice of being out of tune on the D chord string, so Mimi would know which instrument playing was his.

The magical moments in this documentary are how wonderful Lennon was to his son Sean because he had been distant and aloof from Julian, son from first wife Cynthia.

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