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Greco les paul dating

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In 1976 Paul claims to have been a little bored with his Flying V's (not that you could tell from the pictures from the time) and was looking for something new.The result was his white 1976 Gibson Explorer and this beauty, a korina Ibanez Destroyer.

Thankfully Paul thought it would be a nice idea to show off the new acquisition in the backstage pic below.After Paul played it in Wilkes-Barre on September 16 Ace uses it in Youngstown, OH October 27 and then it's gone.It probably stayed on as a backup until the Midnight Special and Firebird I come into the picture in November and December, there is a photo from St.Even so, this Coronet has been modified quite a bit. The guitar has been refinished, the catalog Coronet only came in cherry red.Starting from the top there are new tuning heads installed. The pickup is obviously one of the band's favored Di Marzios.Louis, MO on November 7 where it can be seen standing on Ace's side of the stage, but all through September and October the mysterious white V is pretty much all that's captured in photos of Paul. Suffice to say it resembles no guitar logo I know of.

The one thing that may offer some kind of clue to the identity of the white V is the headstock inlay but it is rarely caught on camera in any detail. But, lack of identity aside, it looks like a version of a "standard" Flying V.

1974 was an eventful year for Paul and his guitars and here appears the first real mystery in the story.

This white Flying V type guitars shows up as a complement to the Lo Bue V custom in the summer of 1974. The 1967 Gibsons had the impossibly long headstock and the 1971 Medallions headstock was wider, didn't taper off at such a steep angle and was rounder at the top. In the closeup of the mystery white V below you can see the protruding wood of the neck pocket on either side of the neck.

Before we take a slightly closer look at the mysterious white V there's another backup guitar that passes through the ranks.

It first appears in Atlanta, GA on July 18 in a show that features three different guitars: the custom Lo Bue V, the mystery white V and this Ampeg Dan Armstrong.

First time it's caught on camera is in Anchorage, AK on June 2 but it's not very prolific until September when it shows up in Detroit in a very nice series of shots. (And there's one more significant difference as we'll see later.) There have been suggestions that this is an Ibanez Rocket Roll or Rocket Style as it was known in the early 70's (the proper "name" was No.