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Dating clasified

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This will not give you the result you were expecting.]set Timezone(new Date Timezone("europe/rome")); echo $original === $modified ?"THE OBJECT IS THE SAME" : "OBJECTS ARE DIFFERENT"; so a datetime object is mutable (Editors note: PHP 5.5 adds Date Time Immutable which does not modify the original object, instead creating a new instance.) Note that the ISO8601 constant will not correctly parse all possible ISO8601 compliant formats, as it does not support fractional seconds.

- Add external web page link/url so that viewers can follow the link to visit your other website. Auctions, Books, Camera & Photo, Clothing & Accessories, DVDs & Movies, Flower & Gifts, Furniture, Home & Garden, Jewelry & Watches, Music & Stereo, Online Shopping, TV, Cable, Direct TV, Wholesale, Phone & Wireless Services ...Otherwise you will simply be creating more lines of code with no benefit." прививает зависимость к новым знакомствам, новым приключениям и т.п.For instance, to create a string like "Y2014M01D29T1633", you *could* use string concatenation like so: This method involves fewer function calls, so probably is slightly quicker; and also is immune to race conditions if you are not specifying the second argument.[It's possible that you could evaluate date("d") just *before* midnight and date("H") just *after* midnight.Be aware that Date Time may ignore fractional seconds for some formats, but not when using the ISO 8601 time format, as documented by this bug:https://net/bug.php?

id=51950$date Time = Date Time::create From Format( Date Time:: ISO8601, '2009-04-16T.596Z');// bool(false)The method modify( '-1 month' ) appear to remove 30 days, not to subtract 1 from the month and adjust the day (if needed).

In my opinion, the former date should be adjusted to 2014/11/30, that is, the last day in the previous month.

This is a great class, but unless you need to use it's more advanced features, I would stick to passing times around your scripts as Unix Time Stamps - maybe prefixing with "uts".

At PHP 7.1 the Date Time constructor incorporates microseconds when constructed from the current time.

Make your comparisons carefully, since two Date Time objects constructed one after another are now more likely to have different values. Another way to get an ISO8601 formatted string/**On my local machine this results in: 2013-03-01T 2013-03-01T 0100Both of these strings are valid ISO8601 datetime strings, but the latter is not accepted by the constructor of Java Script's date object on i Phone.

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