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She and five other sex workers would share a dingy apartment on O'Farrell Street across from the Mitchell Brothers O'Farrell Theatre.She'd spend her waking hours at Sun Spa, having sex with more than a dozen men a day, six days a week, and scurrying into secret hideaways during police raids. But first, she would have to surrender her last shred of dignity.

This was bad for two reasons: Newcomers sometimes didn't understand they had to tip at least $100 for sex.They made their way to a secret door near the refrigerator and slipped into a dank basement of the adjoining apartment building, filled with bags of rotting garbage and broken furniture.They ran barefoot in their lingerie, dodging puddles and broken glass, and ducked into a musty alcove with a rusted boiler and a water heater. more Navigating past the junkies and hustlers in San Francisco's Tenderloin district, You Mi Kim found the metal security door she was looking for, and pressed the buzzer.She wanted to protect her family from the shame of bankruptcy. For the next four months, You Mi would become a person she never imagined.The money she earned in tips was also getting eaten away by little fees and costs structured into You Mi's working arrangement.

Her share of the rent on her apartment was $300 per week.

It also was risky, because an unfamiliar visitor could be an undercover cop.

After several weeks on the job, You Mi heard an unfamiliar buzzer inside Sun Spa.

To You Mi, the area seemed grittier and scarier than the open-air sex markets in her South Korean hometown of Busan. each morning, and after eating a last meal at Sun Spa, walked back to the studio apartment, ignoring the "Hey, babys" and drug offers that came out of the dark. Her constant frown made it obvious she didn't like the work.

Inside the apartment, she'd find space on one of the floor mattresses and crash until about 10 a.m., with just a few minutes to spare until she was due back at the massage parlor. None of the men chose her from the couch on her first few days of work.

It was the signal that police had made their way inside the massage parlor.